Where can I find ____________ from the RED Tour?

  • By hovering your mouse over ‘Occasion’ under the Directory and clicking ‘Red Tour’
  • This is a masterpost of every single thing from the RED Tour. That includes all 11 costume changes, all the instruments she plays, all the accessories she wears and all of the b-stage outfits she wore on select dates of the tour.
  • To scroll through all of the wardrobe posts, you can go to the RED Tour tag here.

Taylor’s clothes are really expensive. How can I possibly afford them?

  • Scroll the Get The Look tag.
  • Feel free to request any specific item you want a GTL version of.

What is Taylor’s favourite brand? 

  • We have composed a page devoted to this.
What red lipstick does Taylor use?
What size does Taylor wear?
  • Dress: 2 (US) / 6 (UK) / 34 (EUR)
  • Shoe: 8.5 (US) / 39 (EUR)
How do you find all these clothes?
  • Endless amounts of research online 
  • A general knowledge of the brands Taylor frequently wears
Where do you get your pictures from?

How do you make your IDs?

  • I use a Photoshop PSD

How many people run this site?

  • Just one. Sarah. Hi! =)
  • You can learn more about me and TSS here

Does Taylor have a stylist?

  • Yes, she does. Her beauty team includes:
  • Clothes: Joseph Cassell
  • Makeup: Lorrie Turk
  • Hair: Jemma Muradian
  • But Taylor has final say on her appearance

Where can I ask questions?

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