Thursday, 13 June 2013

Reformatting the TSS Directory

Hey TSS-ers! Over the next, well, let’s just generally say long while, you can expect a lot of archive/older posts. This is because I’ll be working on reformatting the entire directory. And, as you can imagine, that’s a lot of posts. 

The reason why? Well, after owning TSS for over a year and making 1000+ posts, I’ve fiddled around with the format of posting as well as the way that an identification is set up. I’ve also fiddled around with the tag formatting of those identifications. And as a result of all that fiddling, as a lot of you have experienced, finding older items/sifting through past identifications/trying to find the exact item you’re looking for is incredibly difficult. It’s all been a jumble of different tags with unflattering and mismatched post formats. 

So, whenever I have downtime, I’ll be redoing older posts so that all of them are universally tagged and formatted. And, eventually, the entire directory will be redone to match this and finally you TSS-ers will have the easily searchable Taylor Swift fashion database you deserve. 

Just stick with me in the meantime!

All my love (and sanity), 

- Sarah

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